Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good times...

It sure has been a busy 2.5 weeks! Winter Break is flying by like it always does. Elijah and I have been having so much fun together. It's going to be very hard to go back to work next week.

We had a fantastic Hanukkah with this being the first year that Elijah got into it. He loved lighting candles, singing songs, and trying to spin the draidel.

He also loved opening presents, of course. One of the gifts he got was Candy Land, a personal favorite of mine when I was a kid. So far, it's going well, until he decides he wants to mess up all of the cards or scoot all of the pieces off the board. :) It's so great to have him in a place where we can play games together. We've also had fun having people over, as well as going to other holiday parties. Elijah has handled the change in his schedule very well, maybe for the first time ever.

When he goes back to school next week, his schedule will change again. We have decided to keep him in school until 3:00, instead of 1:00. The afternoons in his school have fewer children, so we think it would be good for him to have more opportunities to play with kids since he gets intimidated when there are lots of kids around. Plus, we are hoping that he won't nap as long at school (since the other kids there don't nap as long) and that will help him sleep longer at night. While he's doing MUCH, MUCH better than he used to, he's still up at 5:00 nearly every day. Wish us luck on that may be brutal for us all!

This has been quite an incredible year. Elijah's growth and development continues to amaze us. We are awed by him daily. Yesterday he told me that he was my "favorite boy in the whole wide world." He's so darn smart! We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!

(Does it get any cuter than this? Elijah was just sure that these boots were for him!)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our own little Tigger

Elijah's friend had a birthday party this morning. It was at a local gymnasium which is a fabulous place for 20 three and four year olds. It was truly a spectacular event. Elijah fell in love with the large trampoline.

He's not very coordinated, but that didn't seem to slow him down.

He still doesn't really have the hang of hopping on the ground, so the idea of repeatedly jumping on a trampoline was a bit too much. He'd bend down really low, and try to do one giant jump.

He didn't want any help and he didn't want anyone showing him another way it might be done. After he'd jump, he'd lose complete control of his body and fly all over the place. He had the time of his life.

I have also included pictures of Elijah playing in the foam pit. This is a true tribute to how far he's come with touching different textures. He loved being surrounded by foam! He wouldn't have thought about touching it with a 10 foot pole one year ago!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our little man...

Elijah actually slept until 8:40 this morning. For those of you who don't know his sleep history, this is worthy of an entire blog entry. He is known for some amazing things, such as lighting up an entire room of adults, having an incredible sense of humor, not listening to others tell him what he will and won't be able to do; however, a healthy sleeping pattern has not been a one of his great qualities.