Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy times are here again...

Oh how I love the pool. The water is still too cold for me to get in, but Elijah has enjoyed playing on the steps and on the patio. We've had tons of fun already, and it's only been open for 2 weeks!

Trying to push his cousin, Andrew, in the water!

Elijah helping take care of the pool.

Elijah and his cousins

Just a cute shot

A Trike-a-thon

Elijah's school did a trike-a-thon as a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It was quite possibly the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Elijah learned how to pedal pretty recently, and he's not super coordinated with it. We were so excited that he could participate because learning to pedal his been incredibly hard for him (both because of his muscle tone and his coordination). When I got to school to see it, we realized that the ever-so-small incline on the track was going to create a problem. Riding uphill is not an option right, for half of the track he rode, and for half he was pushed. As you will see, this lasted for some of the time, but then he gave up and decided to have fun with the wagon.

Like father, like son

Elijah is REALLY, REALLY into doing whatever his daddy is doing outside. Enjoy...

You might think that is a snorkel in Elijah's hand, but it's really a leaf blower ("Just like daddy," as Elijah would say).

Again, you might think that is a stroller, but it's really Elijah's lawn mower.

An attempt at making Play dough

Elijah has hated play dough his entire life. He has so many texture issues, so we've always assumed that this is why play dough scares him. I found out that at school he can often be found playing in their play dough. His teacher mentioned that they make their own, so we wondered if the feeling and/or smell of it made the difference. So, I googled a recipe and Elijah and I decided to make our own (this was my first time...I know, bad teacher...should have made play dough before!). Well, the recipe didn't work out, be we sure had fun. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A Tribute to Stella

I have been searching for words that adequately describe the most amazing little girl that I have ever met, but I have come to realize that they just don't exist. One of my best friends, Shannon, lost her 23 month old daughter, Stella, last week. She had a terminal, undiagnosed metabolic disorder. She fought a long, hard fight, but was the most delightful little girl you could ever imagine. Stella lived with us for one month when she was well enough to come home from the hospital, and she became Elijah's best friend. Then, when she was back in the hospital, Elijah was able to visit her several times. I know I am a better person for having known Stella.

Elijah and Stella

Stella and her mommy, Shannon

Elijah visiting Stella in the hospital

Best buds, forever