Sunday, October 18, 2009

Big boy bike!

My idea of writing little snippets frequently hasn't worked out so well. Instead of beating myself up over it, I'm just going to post a few exciting things that have been happening around the BC household. The BIG news is that Elijah learned how to ride a "big boy bike" this week. He only learned how to ride a tricycle this summer...the muscle control and coordination was very hard for him to get a handle on. But, when he finally got it, he took off. Literally. It has been incredible how good learning to ride a trike has been for his leg muscles. He can do so many things that he didn't have the muscles for before. Well, about 3 weeks ago, we decided to buy him a big boy bike, hoping that he would get into it immediately. He was VERY excited about buying one, but once we did, he wanted nothing to do with it. We tried and tried to get him on it, and he just wanted to ride his "red bike" (aka a tricycle). Last week his physical therapist and I decided to have her try to teach him (he does many things with/for her that he won't do with/for us). I snuck his bike over to the clinic. You should have seen how surprised he was that Robin had a blue big boy bike just like his. :) After about 2 minutes of her trying, he was doing laps around the therapy clinic like you wouldn't believe. Since then (Thursday evening), he has been to my parent's patio daily and to the B-line once. It is officially his new obsession.

Hmmmm...where shall I go next?

Riding up a hill is hard stuff!

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Anonymous said...

He is the best of the best...mazeltov on your new big boy bike!

your grammy